Six Trainers Denied Stalls at Upcoming NYRA Meets

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I don’t think this bodes well for Bob Baffert.

I’m speechless.

Excerpt from the press release by the makers of the substance;

“testing has produced very positive results showing EquiFlow to be not only safe but also effective for the treatment of EIPH. A recent study involving 9 horses showed a reduction in bleeding post treatment in all horses. More specifically 7 of the nine horses exhibited no bleeding at all, 2 horses had trace bleeding, and 1 showed improvement and won its next race.

They are experimenting with this substance on horses, and are then racing those horses?

How did Potts get their “biologic?” This all sounds very odd to me.

Very weird, I agree. I read the LTTE and my initial reaction was wow, talk about opportunistic. “Our product is the shizz, you should buy lots of it, and oh yeah, we don’t do business with possibly crooked trainers and have no idea how one ended up with our product, which is a really great product.”

Like you, I also wonder about the ethics of their “study”.

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They want TDN to publish that their product isn’t performance enhancing and that they have nothing to do with Potts. What they don’t seem to understand is, that unless and until their “product” FDA approved, it’s illegal to give it to TB racehorses, and they just admitted doing so in their press release. It’s bizarre.

TDN’s reaction will be fascinating.