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Size 14 Boots, Help!

Hello, I work for an opera company and we are looking for boots in a men’s size 14 with extra wide calves (around 20"). Field or Dressage are fine. We can find the extra wide calves, but are having a very hard time finding a men’s size 14 anywhere. Do you have any recommendations for companies that make boots that large? Or even a company that could custom make a pair for us. We are trying to stay under $1000.

You should contact Derby Boots in the Netherlands…You can probably go custom and keep it under $1K based on my experience with them, and have them shipped to you in 6 weeks or less.

Antoine van Ras, www.derby.nl

Check out Hispar. They have larger calf size options in off-the-rack boots. Quality isn’t great, but I suspect you don’t intend to subject these to much use.

Dehner custom dress boots come in around $1000.

Kroop Boots, Laurel MD is usually cheaper than Dehner and just as good quality…and a small US company.

you might contact your local police or state patrol. Motorcycle cops often use Dehner tall boots and are not all horse rider slim. There might be an officer willing to lend or give a retired pair

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