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Size of pad?

I have a Billy Cook Wade saddle. It has a shorter skirt on it (roughly 25"). I am ordering a 5 star pad and trying to decide on size. Seems like a 28 inch long pad would be the best bet just based on specs but wondering if it looks too short when it’s actually on. Here are 2 pics. Black pad is 30" and lighter pad is 28". Help me decide please!

I think either would work, but I probably would choose the shorter pad only because I like for my horse to have as much exposure to air as possible. I want the saddle pad to extend about an inch or slightly more from the front and back of the saddle. Also think about whether you want a square pad or a curved pad. I ride in a Steele trail saddle, and I have a 5 Star Trail Rider pad that conforms to the shape of the saddle.

In the pictures, I prefer the looks of the black pad. I think the striped pad doesn’t extend down quite far enough. When you’re deciding which model pad to get, be sure to check all the dimensions–both length and width–and make sure the pad will extend beyond the margins of the saddle. Some vendors show the dimensions in the product description, but you can always call 5 Star directly if the dimensions aren’t listed.


Thank you!!

@OzarksRider Here’s another 28" long pad that is a bit wider and comes down further. Better?

For showing or at home use? I’d go with the measurements of the second one for showing. At home as long as it fits well under your saddle it doesn’t matter.

@jvanrens for home use. He is short backed so I don’t want it rubbing him if too long but also want enough coverage.

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In this picture the front of the pad looks to be barely under the edge of the saddle on the front and just there on the back. I like the length on the sides better.

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Understand completely! Having a bigger pad can keep you from having to fuss so the pad isn’t in a bad spot under the saddle though. That’s been my problem for years with my large Circle Y and my long backed mare or my over sized gelding with the same saddle. Making sure everything is sitting just right, and adjusting it, can be a PITA.
A lot easier with an english saddle. :wink:


@jvanrens appreciate your input! What are your thoughts on pad thickness? 3/4" or 7/8"?

Yes, the width looks better, but now it looks like it’s too short in length. Or maybe it’s just the angle of the photo. The front and back of the saddle look like they’re extending over the pad.

When I bought my 5 Star pad I was amazed at how many things I had to think about. I thought all pads were alike and all I had to do was just pick something pretty and order. You really have to consider how the pad will fit with your particular saddle, both the shape and the dimensions.

As for thickness, I would go with 3/4". That would probably compress to about 1/2", but unless your horse really needs a lot of padding that should be enough. Those 5 Star pads are really nice.

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It’s going to be personal preferance, but based on your pictures, I would go with a 30" pad. I feel like that looks better for your saddle.

If your saddle fits really well, 3/4" will be plenty.

I either use 1/2" or 3/4" pads on my horses, of the 5 Star brand. Saddles fit good so they do not need a thick pad.

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How tall is your horse? I have 13.2-14 had Arabians (so, much shorter backed than the vast majority of stock horses the same height), and I ride in a 17” Rocking R reiner with butterfly skirts. My 5 Star pad is the 30”x30” All Around, and it fits both them and the saddle well. I think a 28” is going to be much too short for anything other than a barrel saddle.

13.2 hand purebred:

14 hand Half Arabian:

My pad is 1/2” thick. My girls are very wide and round, so I wanted minimal padding under the saddle.


@Montanas_Girl he is 14.3 hands. Your pictures and descriptions actually help so much! I think I will end up getting this exact pad. Thank you!

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@beau159 thank you! I’m going to go with the 30 inch.

@OzarksRider thank you for your input! Going with the 3/4". And yes the number of options is a bit overwhelming!

You are very welcome! I love this pad. It has been well worth every penny.

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Unless your saddle is a bit large, go with the thinner pad.

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With my western saddle I prefer just slightly larger so I’d go with the 30

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Ooh, nice!

You sure have pretty horses, but then I prefer Arabians over all others. They will actually take care of me sometimes.

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Thank you, @Jackie_Cochran! I’ve been hooked on the breed for almost 30 years now. That little red mare is the most generous creature I’ve ever swung a leg over. She’s not always brave, but she gives 110% effort to everything we ask of her.

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