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Sizing for PS of Sweden vs Schockemoehle Bridles

I’m trying to get a new bridle for my 15.1 quarter horse/welsh pony cross with a tiny face. I have him in a cob schockemohle classic bridle and I was wondering if he would be a pony or cob in PS of sweden. he is pretty much on the last holes or close on all the adjustments in his current bridle, but i’m not sure how the measurements compare to PS and there is no sizing chart. Any have experience with these brands? There is also a huge price difference between the pony (1) and cob (2) sizes on the PS website so it would be great to squeeze him in if he is on the cusp. Has anyone used the pony size PS bridle before?

Just my personal experience: There are a couple folks with Schockemohle bridles at my barn. They are VERY nice quality. My best friend got a PS Sweden bridle about 3 years ago. I was eyeing them, but thought I’d wait and see hers first. We were both disappointed in the quality. Bridle leather felt stiff and platic-y for the $$. This shouldn’t be the case for a bridle of this advertised quality. She wanted to get a jump bridle and dressage one, but didn’t follow thru on the dressage after the first one arrived. Maybe they’ve improved since then…?