Skull Caps

With helmet awareness week starting, I am thinking that it’s time to replace the helmet that I use on cross-country which has aged out. I’ve never had a skull cap but I’m thinking that that might be a good choice at this point. What brand and model do people like? I have an oval head and am currently happy using a One K Defender.

I suppose that I will need to replace my helmet cover too but there doesn’t appear to be a big selection for skull caps but maybe I am not looking in the right places. Suggested vendors?

Search for skull cap covers. Shires is available in the USA. Ariat etc etc
Search for hat silks or racing silks and a whole new world of design-what-you-fancy may open up.

I got mine from KC Equestrian Colors in Canada. They have a lot of cute options. Back on track has a new MIPS skull cap that might be worth trying.

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KC Equestrian Colours is great (and you can get a custom XC shirt while you’re at it :D)

She does also sell Champion helmets, so she can let you know how those fit as they may be an option.

Trauma Void/Back on track has brought their MIPS Skull Cap over from Europe to the USA now.

And it’s only $249

HIGHLY suggest a MIPS helmet and love that it was a top choice in the helmet study with Folksam in 2021