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Sliding stall door hardware

My barn is getting painted and I’m thinking about new door hardware. Specifically the stopper for the sliding stall doors. I don’t like the ones I have now -like an L sticking out from the wall. Looks dangerous. I’d like something similar to the curved ones I have seen but I can’t find a source. Any ideas? TIA.

I’d just nail a piece of trimmed wood to the stall front.

the technical name would be End Blind at least that is what they are called in Richards Wilcox hardware. My company was the factory approved installation company for a large part of Texas

here is link to their hardware catalogs, select Hardware Brochure

R&W has been making barn hardware since the 1880s , yes the Eighteen Hundreds

We use a block of wood. The rails that hold the trolly mechanism have metal stops one can screw into place on the end, however, that involved getting out the ladder (yet again) and seemed too much trouble at the time (30+ years ago) so I just attached a block of wood.

On sale.

Country Manufacturing

thanks all found what I wanted. Apparently its actually a bridle rack from Classic Equine.