Slip on spray for cowboy boots?

My 84yo father in law is having difficulty sliding his fancy cowboy boots on and off. Many years ago he apparently bought a boot slip on spray that was helpful, but he’s used it all up and I can’t find the maker at all online. (it was called Prepert’s Boot Spray)

Any of y’all have ideas or leads on a slip on spray? Or have you had success with some other product? Thanks!

Would a dab of cowboy magic do the trick?

I was thinking Show Sheen myself. It sure can shine up the exterior and keep mud from sticking.

Good luck OP, I’ve never heard of anything like the product you mention, though sure could have used it a time or ten. I’ve found baby power can be handy in a pinch.

He used to volunteer at the Houston stock show and rodeo, judging the meat science kids. He apparently bought this stuff at the expo there a million years ago and it lasted a long, long time. My mother in law called some Western wear clothing places in their area, but no one had heard of such a thing.

He now lives in California and has always been proud to wear his dress boots - he has ostrich and elephant and who knows what else. He also has Alzheimers, and lately it’s given him extra extra joy to wear them out and about - I think it gives him an excuse to proclaim “I GOT THESE IN TEXAS!” whenever someone comments on them (which happens often).

I was wondering about Cowboy Magic or Show Sheen. Baby powder is a good suggestion, too, and they may already have some on hand.

Thanks, all!

Don’t know if it’ll help him, but sells a gadget like a shoehorn with an elderly-friendly handle so you can put on shoes/boots without bending over. If any of his boots have pull loops at the top, boot hooks are your friend. I used to use the hooks and boot jack in the time before boots had zippers.

Another idea, women’s nylon stockings are pretty darn slippery. Perhaps knee- or ankle-high would work over his regular socks. They make “trouser socks,” which are basically nylon stockings a bit thicker so they don’t run or tear. Hope I got the name right.


ShowSheen or any silicone spray is what you’re looking for. My husband (due to complex foot problems) frequently gets heel blisters. He bought a womens’ product for wearing high heel shoes. It was just silicone.

Thanks y’all for all the good ideas!

The brand is Propert’s and it seems it is no more sadly:

cheap plastic bags. like the produce bags at the grocery. Put your foot in the bag, slide into the boot and rip the bag off. Eventually the boots should stretch and he won’t need them anymore.

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I’d give ArmorAll a try.

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