Slippery saddle

Looking for the best pad to stop my saddle and pad from sliding forward. Young horse still growing, no withers yet😫

Ecogold Stabilizer

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I really like the Avavallo gel pads :slight_smile:

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Honestly, I just use fridge drawer liners, from the grocery store, or the dollar store. It’s the same stuff Ecogold uses. I cut it to size, and you can put one piece under the saddle pad and another between the saddle and the pad. It works as well as much more expensive options. I have done it (and so have my clients) for years when necessary. My saddle fitter has been unable to visit for over a year, so we sometimes have to resort to quick fixes! Once Covid is contained reasonably that will change, but for now we do what we have to!


Acavallo gel pad. I posted photos on another thread recently.

If it’s all sliding forward, it doesn’t fit. Withers are not required to keep a saddle in place. If the shape of the saddle matches the shape of the horse it will be stable, withers or not.

I had the same issue with my horse except he became reactive and would buck when the saddle slipped forward. If the saddle does not fit a pad is not going to keep it in place. I know I tried. A few kept it in place for a longer period but they all eventually allowed the saddle to slip forward. I also used several saddle fitters and no one could adjust the padding properly until I had the tree adjusted. Now the saddle stays put and my horse is much happier.

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Sliding forward huh? I have two mules that slide forward and back and for them i use either a crupper or breeching as well as collar. But my dressage horse issue is sliding back… i have two with gigantic shoulders. One has a wither, the other…nuthin but mutton. The mutton-withered with the shoulders needs a breast collar. Fitting a breast collar has been an ‘interesting’ shopping experience. I have about a dozen lol. And with some creative hole punching and two new D-rings on the saddle i’ve managed to get several to fit and not interfere with her shoulders. I tell ya…it takes a lot of effort to get it right and constant scrutiny to keep it that way.

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Does the horse’s girth groove line up with the billets on. the saddle? If the girth groove is further forward the girth can pull the saddle forward. An offset girth can be enough to solve the problem.