Slow on Here

With the Forum changes, things seem to be pretty slow on here.

We did attend the National Drive and met with 2Dogs for a short visit. She came for a day, no mini. My husband was eager to spend most of our time driving, so we did not get time with her. We did get around on the grounds, did a LOT of calming walking, practiced figures in the Dressage area. The Pair has not been out much away from home, so they were a bit excited. They did well in both water hazards, but still needed a lead the first time thru the covered wagon hazard. Did not remember it from last year. They did settle quickly so our leader horse could go do other things. No other hazards bothered them.

The cones practice field was a non-event, they went where he aimed them. However he had a couple moments wondering why he hit every pair of cone in a line! The other people also practicing cones apoligized, running over to reset them wider! They had decreased the widths for their pony to drive narrow cones at speed. We all laughed about it.

Got to visit with other friends in the evenings, catch up on how things were going in their areas. Sold a few tack items, less to take back home! Weather was BRISK, cold nights and mornings. Mostly clear skies that did warm up later. The drive down was good and we stayed between storms going home, no rain on us! Horses both traveled well, eating and drinking when we offered water.

Fall has been pretty nice here. Great color, good weather. Enough rain to keep the grass growing well. We just started feeding hay twice a day with the recent cold. Getting in some driving between winterizing jobs. Checking fences for lost staples, digging in drain tiles in hopes of reducing mud. Our new trenching tool is a big help opening the ground. Some hand work going under fences and where the topsoil layer is thinner. That clay layer underneath is HARD to get thru. We have laid about 500 ft while following the natural water runoff lines. We have had more mud with the heavy rains this year and a couple years before that. A 4" to 6" rain now is not uncommon. Used to be extraordinary to get rain like that! Probably should be glad that water is not coming as snow!! Ha ha Climate change, so we have to get better prepared for it. Still have to put out the heated tanks. Also must install a hot tape to raise one fenceline. We added fill and fence is a bit short now for our tall horses.

We kept horses in until 12p because it is Opening Day for deer season here. Only heard one shot all day. Hope they got one, local deer need harvesting. Way too many. Horses went into the barnyards up close, for turnout. It has been raining and windy most of the day, so they will be glad to come back into the dry barn tonight. Probably will put the rainsheet on the old horse if it continues to rain tomorrow. Don’t want him getting a chill.

What is happening at your place?


Glad we got to chat at Ntl. Drive.
Sounds like you & Mr goodhors had fun.

Mini is teaching me a LOT about managing near-founder :woozy_face:
He was fine until the Friday before I was to leave for the Drive, came gimping in that morning with a flare-up.
Recovered & then sound until about 3 weeks ago, the weekend of one of the last Club drives of the season.
This time it was an abcess.
No huge surprise, as they go hand-in-hand with laminitis - no matter how slight.
After a week+ of Animalintex & low dose banamine he is back to 100%.
I was lucky enough to get the loan of another member’s mini for the drive & had fun with her.
Now Bugs is sound, but weather has turned cold. With high winds :crazy_face:
Thursday is supposed to warm up & I have some cones to play with now that neighbors have done their final cut of my acreage.
Next outing will be the Spring Fling drive at Hoosier Horse Park “Lord willing and the crick don’t rise” :pray:

I did a driving clinic a few weeks back and had a nice time. My usual Christmas parades are canceled so no legging up for them and bringing out the harness and cart decorations. The beans are out of the field across from us so I will do some plain old fashioned true pleasure driving, just for fun and Zen. :slight_smile:

My gelding and I went for a drive Saturday. He had a chiro out about a week and a half ago. She said he was really out of whack, which would explain our great difficulties riding and driving lately. She said he might need about two weeks to fully recover from the visit. I’m hoping so, because he will pull out a fantastic jog and a nice forward trot, but he won’t swap over into a pace anymore. Since he and I both have a need for speed, this is disappointing!

Hopefully we will get there soon. The weather on Saturday was brisk, but not nearly as awful as the sideways blowing snow on Sunday!

Missing tack sales and auctions, although my wallet and my husband are not. :rofl:

I plan to get my gelding out again this weekend, or maybe at lunch break if I get to work from home, and see how he’s feeling. Need to get him back on track so we can put my sleigh to use this winter!

We went up to Hermitage in KY in October for the first ever USEF short format CDE. It’s not something I want to do all the time, but there’s a time and place for everything, and this was it! Plus that farm is beyond lovely. We had a great time and so did everyone I talked to.

It was the perfect distance (under 5500m) for those of us who don’t fit up or drive much in the heat of summer. I was super proud of Xan’s fitness level, he came in fine off marathon and was immediately sent on our way. That’s not usually how it goes with Fjords! :laughing:

It ended up being a nice bounce into the upcoming season and he was a super good pony, he’s finally figured out that I have read the course map and I do (mostly) know where we are going in the hazards, so apparently it is OK to listen to me now, versus being large and in charge. We ended up winning our division and I went double clear in cones with the new carriage, so that was a big relief (it handles sooo much differently than the marathon vehicle, it’s like comparing a mustang to a Lincoln Continental for turning radius, and I spent a lot of the past few months committing homicide on some innocent cones at home).

He’s also just put on his big boy pants and can really switch between driven and ridden work. Two years ago it took weeks to jump between driving and riding (riding to driving was always easier) so I mostly stuck to one or the other depending on the season. Last year it was maybe two days to transition to a “good” ride. Now he’s just on it, he’s got this. So I changed my schedule to two days riding a week with a dressage lesson every other week. He’s schooling 2nd/3rd level and it really really helps in both out driven dressage and marathon work. Plus, I have to admit, he’s a lot of fun to ride and drive.

So for now we are getting ready to move up to Intermediate next season although I’m super bummed that Live Oak is cancelled since that was my big goal for 2021, but c’est la vie. There’s lots of other CDEs down here all winter!

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Its been an odd year, that’s for sure. With the borders closed, we did not have any access to driving shows so we just did a little playing around at home with the pair, but not too much driving.

I was busy riding though and made some new jumps for the ponies to play around at home. We did go to some hunter shows later in the year with COVID rules, so it was different, that’s for sure.

I was able to get my medium pony going and jumping around a 2’3" course with auto leads so now he just needs a kid! He’s a great young pony and will be a star with a little rider. He’s the 13.1h chestnut pony in the pictures.

I missed the hunter ring as I’ve been out of it for about 20 years and have just been driving and riding at home for fun. I then took one of my large driving ponies (the bay in the pictures and on the right in the pair) to some rated hunter shows and had a blast. Now I need to breed a horse of my own as my husband will want his driving pony back lol!

We shall see what next year brings, but I have a funny feeling it will be the same as this year.