Small barn near Boston for Rehab

I’m looking for a low-key barn with paddock turnout to rehab my horse for the next year. Preferred location within 30 - 40 minutes of Boston. Doesn’t have to be in the hunter/jumper community but that’s where my guy is coming from. Collegial adults would be a bonus!

Our place is about 35 minutes out in light traffic. Not fancy, but nice indoor and an agreeable group of folks. There is a lesson program but pretty low-key. Cost is moderate. Any other specifications?

My friend boards her horse at Vantage Point Farm. Great group of people and the head trainer is wonderful.

Do you even need an arena for awhile? Especially an indoor? If you are budget minded for the next year or so, skip the indoor and resident trainers busy teaching and going to shows in favor of care devoted to the rehabs and their special needs.

IME, active boarding/teaching/show barns don’t have the time or full time staff to care for “special needs” horses that are not generating any income over basic board for long periods of time. Nor should they, it’s not their business model.

Look around and see if you can find a real lay up-rehab, depending on when you are there, those can be pretty social too. Ask your vet.