Small boobs, large band size: sport bras

Post-double mastectomy I have small boobs and a large band size, even though I got the largest sizes FDA-approved implants. In most regular bras, I am a 38 or 40 B. Most off-the-rack sport bras don’t work because the cup is too big in an XXL. Suggestions for sport and regular bras welcomed. My boobs are rather set far apart, which I don’t love, so cleavage production with comfort is A+. No-can-do underwires with implants.

I always recommend bras from Title 9.

They are not cheap but they are good quality and last. One thing I like the most is that they have many that are sized with band sizes, not just S, M, L.

I have the opposite problem as you - and the S/M/L bras just don’t work for me for anything high impact. My experience at Title 9 is that they give you enough information to choose wisely, but they also have a very generous return policy.

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I also have other issues but find the Knix service amazing. I’d check with them.

SheFit might work. Very little stretch to the fabric & velcro closures for band & straps so you can adjust once you’re in it.

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I don’t use a sport bra with cups. I use a front closure and find it very comfortable. I am probably between an A/B at best but any cup type sport bras I just fall out of…

About a 36A here and like the New Balance racerback style sports bras. They come with pad inserts but those are easily pulled out. Not cleavage generating, but nothing is for what I’m working with. :rofl: I buy a large, so an XL would probably work for a 38-40.

Agree. I have the same shape (including the wide-set aspect) and really like my SheFit bras.

One thing I’ve found with the wide-set geography is that I need a bigger cup size to keep the lateral potion of the ladies in the cups, but then the cups gape at the top. The SheFit allows you to adapt for that by adjusting the band, plus the “cup” is structured for compression, so it fits a little differently.

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