Small Growth on Dog’s Leg—Urgent Vet Visit Needed?

I’m wondering if any COTH peeps have dealt with anything similar to help me decide if we need to go to the vet ASAP to get it checked or if we can wait a few weeks for a regularly scheduled visit.

Scout is an insanely healthy 12-y-o large-breed mutt. An “oops-a-doodle” perhaps. :rofl: I just found this bump on his foreleg and it’s 4mm diameter.

Any thoughts on urgency?

My dog has something similar on her belly. We noticed it several years ago. The vet checks it and her other bumps/skin tags at routine visits, but has never shown any concern over it

It doesn’t look irritated or infected, I would wait until the scheduled appointment.

Noting measurements or taking a photo with a coin next to it might be useful info on how fast it is changing.

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My dog has a few of these in various shapes and sizes. The vet has always said he is not concerned about them. I still take note (dimensions, colour, if they are giving off heat, etc) so I can track any developments and then review them with my vet. For me personally I’d wait until my regular appointment, especially if it’s coming up in a few weeks.
I’d also give my dog a close check-over to find any other anomalies so that the vet can check them all out. With my semi-lumpy senior once one appeared there were many that followed :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the reassuring replies! I’ll just keep an eye on it until we go for our annual vax visit next month.

I wouldn’t worry at all, my ancient Cocker had tons of them and the vet never worried. I suspect I even clipped a couple off here and there at haircut time inadvertently :grimacing: If it were a different color from the surrounding skin, especially dark or black, I’d say get moving, but it’s nice and pink.

Yes, normal skin tag. My dog has several of them and they are just being watched. I’ve had 2 removed, and might have one other taken off when he has his next dental. They are not typically cancerous or dangerous but can snag on things like combs or collars and that would be unnecessarily painful.

Another vote for skin tag from someone who has a dog that has several of them.

My vet prefers to leave them alone unless they are becoming a problem (like mentioned above, snagging on something).

If you’re worried, just bump up your annual visit and get your vaccines a month earlier