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Small Sporthorse Stallions

I searched and found a similiar thread but it was too old to be useful. With the downfall of websites and the upswing of Facebook, it seems to be harder to find stallions…

For a possible 2025 foal…

Mare is 13.3h, would like to breed bigger but not too much bigger, 15h would be ideal.
We’re not breeding for color but mare is a homozygous red cremello and I’m still a little salty about her (outstanding) smoky black colt she came to me in foal with - so chestnut preferred or a no-red bay. No grays, blacks, or creams.
Mare brings an open trot stride with an active hock and natural balance & rhythm. She has an excellent temperament, good shoulder, nice hip, long well-set neck.
Mare needs something very uphill with excellent bone. Also, her current colt has a very good canter but I’m not fully convinced he got it from her.

I’m asking my vet about local options for breeding with frozen but fresh cooled is strongly preferred.

What breed is your mare? What are your registration preferences? What discipline and level of performance are you aiming for with the foal?

I’m more than a little biased, but I always jump to recommending Arabians when someone asks for small with good bone. They tend to cross well with a variety of types, too, and the foal would be eligible for Half Arabian papers regardless of the mare’s breed.

I wrote my entire story then deleted it thinking “no one needs to know that” LOL!

She’s actually a grade mare I bought simply to keep my pregnant mare company. I believe she is probably solid POA.

Turns out she’s quite a lovely mare and produced hands down the best foal I’ve seen out of the stallion she came in foal to.

Depending on future plans, I would probably take her for a ISR/Sport Pony Mare Book inspection as they do not require proof of pedigree and see how that goes.

Of course, I’m short on pictures of her (because she’s always filthy, haha) but this is her 2023 colt by a non-sporthorse stallion



what does this mean? Red is automatically homozygous for red (ee), and cremello is automatically homozygous for cream (CrCr)

I’m confused. A no-red bay would be Ee, which means a 50% chance of palomino, 50% chance of buckskin or smoky black, depending in the mare’s and stallion’s Agouti status. And obviously a red (ee) stallion would guarantee palomino. Are you trying to avoid a certain color or is there one you’d really like to get? if you’re trying to avoid smoky black (is that what the “salty” comment refers to?) then the stallion just has to be AA for agouti, since obviously your mare isn’t. So if he’s bay, there’s no need for “no-red bay”, which would mean he’s EE, but his Agouti could still be Aa giving you the chance of smoky black. He needs to be AA, regardless of his extension status. That way he always passes A, which means no chance of any black-based foal.


Sorry, I was lazy and didn’t look at my prior research into color genetics (I really don’t care that much, let my sloppy ignorance prove that lol but I know there are enough good stallion out there that preferences are allowed)

Yes - would like to get a buckskin or palomino from her. Buckskin would be preferred but I understand without color testing - a chestnut would be a better way to avoid smoky black - correct?

Just tossing this out there…
County Fair’s Draft show was last night.
Draft Pony division had a 6 of Friesian/Hackney crosses. All black, all droolworthy :stuck_out_tongue:
I am not a lover of Drafts, Friesians or Hackneys (I own a Hackney Pony, he’s my Exception to the Rule) in particular, but these were all nicely built and all under 16h.
Several came from local Amish sales & were represented as Ladies’ Horses - meaning they got you to Town safely & in good time.
The were bred for the Friesian brain & Hackney action & got a nice result.

Maybe consider one of these breeds for your mare?

palomino is guaranteed with any chestnut stallion

Buckskin is guaranteed with any EEAA stallion (homozygous for both black and agouti)

Any EeAA bay stallion will be produce 50/50 pali and buckskin

Any E?aa black stallion means pali, buckskin, and smoky black are possible, depending on your mare. At best she’s Aa, but may be aa. If she’s aa, then crossing with E?aa will be pali or smoky black, no buckskin possible

Any bay stallion who is Aa will allow a chance for smoky black, as well as pali and buckskin depending on if he’s EE or Ee

Your mare is at either Aa or aa, since she produced smoky black, so you have to rely on the stallion preventing it, which means he has to be AA.


She is a/a, I added a color panel along with the 5 panel and CHWS I did (since she’s a mystery). Since most people don’t test their bay stallions it limits my options but I wouldn’t let it be a deal killer if I think he’s a really good fit.

Her current colt is definitely “a good horse is never a bad color” but I really dreamed hard about a buckskin :sweat_smile:

Good to know! It doesn’t change what you need to guarantee not getting smoky black. EEAA guarantees buckskin, and EeAA is 50/50 buckskin and pali. And then still, a chestnut guarantees palomino regardless of Agouti status.

Now that people know you need AA if he’s bay, that will help.

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What about Connemara stallions?


I honestly totally agree with you that connemara is probably the perfect fit but I’m totally out of the loop on what’s available for stallions.

And for reference I should have put in the first post - I don’t have set a budget for stud fee - it costs me about $1300 for a successful cycle doing it on this small scale so the stud fee doesn’t even register on my list of problems :grin:

Does this foal have appaloosa spots? Did that come from sire or dam?

Where are you located, and, aside from color, what kind of performance traits are you looking for?

You will find VERY FEW chestnut Connemaras, but there are lots of bays.
Here is just a sample (not specifically recommending any particular one).
Note that Connemara people typically call buckskin “dun”

MLC Duke of Sussex (13h2")
Ridgetop Top Collins (14h 2")
Telesis Carraig Rua (buckskin)

*Illaunurra Duster 15 h

Treasure Hunter (Conn x ID) 14h 3"
Balmullo’s Gallagher (Buckskin) 14h1"

Marley 14h 1 1/2"

*Cityview Prince Charming 14h 2"

Balmullo’s Field Marshall
Rattle N Snap Laddie Boy (buckskin) 14h 2"

*Patty’s Etoile de Paris 14h 3"

Sparrow’s Zeus (Conn x TB)
*Coud’Poker Tartifume
*OMS Machno Fear Dun (halfbred) (buckskin)

You can see more at


Yes, they came from his sire. She is N/N for LP :slight_smile:

Thank you for the link and the list with the heights!

It sounds like performance characteristics should be the first thing in my mind but really feel no matter what we need an excellent canter.

Once she’s weaned from this one - we’ll free-jump her as well as pack her off to a trainer (or pony jockey, ha) to confirm her temperment and soundness holds up. Right now in my mind, she’s a useful canvas. If she doesn’t jump well, we’ll concentrate on a dressage type (or scrap this idea all together depending). I hit up this forum for some options either direction honestly.

I love him! Can I have that in about 15.5-16H please? :rofl:


did you also test for PATN?

Not her, but I tested the colt (I was hoping he might be a dark buckskin, I might as well set up recurring billing to UC Davis lol) and he is N/N for PATN1.

He’s just the coolest dude. I’m hoping he’ll be right at 14.2h. I worked in the breeding industry for years and 15 years later get to breed my own and I get this lovely kid inutero cheaper than I could have bred him myself :sweat_smile: figures. Maybe I want to breed her back to prove I can do even better :grin:

(My own mare had a super half Welsh filly - but we knew she would be, she doesn’t get to enjoy the element of surprise)

That picture is from early days, he’s three months old now and hasn’t had an awkward stage yet.


Well, any of the Connemaras should be good jumpers.
The three in Georgia, plus Balmullo’s Field Marshall are definitely performance types (eventing and show jumping)
Laddie Boy is definitely focused on producing child safe ponies (but that doesn’t mean they can’t jump)
I am less familiar with the ones with a dressage focus.