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SmartPak - Natick MA - Closing

Looks like SmartPak is closing the Natick MA retail store (effective 1/31/24)

Going to miss rummaging around the attic for bargains :frowning:

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What are they going to do with all of the returned merchandise? I always thought the attic was a great way to deal with old stock or returns.


Attempting recover a product for resale often can more costly then disposal

I worked for a large company that dealt with returns by either crushing them or running through a shredder before dumping into either recycle or trash dumpsters

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Seems like more companies could do something like REI’s garage sales for returned items. Throwing away seems so wasteful, and the company could recoup some costs even if selling at a discount.


Not sure if you ever went to the store but there was a ton of stuff there and most stuff rotated very quickly. So they did make profits off of items that were returned. Returns are super easy with SmartPak, which is mostly why I continue to order from them. If that changes, I’ll shop there a lot less.

It’s such a waste to throw away items that have been returned, especially knowing how much was in the attic and how much of it was sold.



My husband had this experience, too. It was very frustrating.

Riding Warehouse used to have an ebay store where they sold returned items, but I just checked, and they don’t list anything anymore.

They do have a building in Plymouth, Ma. Maybe they will have sales in that location periodicaly.

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Darn! I love shopping there.

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Have to think that the people who would clean out the attic then try to sell the stuff online, returning what didn’t sell before the window was up were probably hurting the bottom line.

Perhaps smartpak decided to resell that stuff online themselves instead.

And anyone who has been to the store often has definitely seen the groups of people who don’t look like they’ve ridden a horse in decades if they ever did scooping up armfuls of things, huge piles of things to buy, and also seen them returning massive amounts as well.

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