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SmartPak Storage!

Hi Everyone! We have 12 SmartPak storage containers in our feed room (the larger blue ones) currently stacked on top of one another in 2 rows of 6. While we LOVE our SmartPaks, our dilemma is that the bottom containers get crushed which makes the drawers hard to open. We plan to create three rows of wall shelves so that they can sit side-by-side, 4 per shelf… and then an addition shelf on top for extra storage. We’d love to know if anyone else has created shelving for this or if anyone has created a better storage solution for their containers? Pictures would be great!!! Thanks in advance!

You’re making a good choice to get them on shelves. Stacking two or three isn’t bad, but the cumulative weight of more than that just doesn’t work well as you’ve mentioned. You can build shelves from scratch or use commercially available products, like the adjustable heavy-duty bracket systems from the home center and your shelf surface of choice. (solid or wire) Since there’s always a good likelihood that other things might end up on the shelves that are heavier than the supplements, going with the heavy duty type setup is a good idea. You can also get other bins that fit your shelving for easy organization.