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SmartPak Store

I’ planning a trip to Boston over Memorial Day Weekend and was thinking of stopping at the SmartPak retail store on the way in (we’re most likely driving). I wanted to see if it was worth the stop, I’m not looking at anything specific but might try on some soft shells and/or if they have a good stock. Any input would be appreciated.

PS. if the store is small/has limited inventory we would most likely take the train instead, much more fun than driving

I’m heading down to Boston in June and started a thread a little while ago looking for ideas of things to do. It was suggested to go to the SmartPak store as the clearance section can have some excellent deals. I was warned it could be hit or miss, but that if you do score something it’s a really good score! It doesn’t look to be far outside the city so I think it will be worth the side trip.

Definitely worth the stop, moreso than the Dover that’s also close by…however if you’re in the area the stores are quite close together. I’ve scored some crazy good deals in the clearance section upstairs @ SmartPak over the years.

It’s a good sized store with lots of goodies…if they don’t have exactly what you are looking for, they will ship it to your house.

That said, the clearance attic is amazing. Or not. Totally depends on the day and what they have!!! I have walked out of there with nothing but have also scored a brand new Antares bridle for $50 and a Rambo turnout for less than that.

It might be easier to drive - not sure how close the store is to the train.

Worth it for the clearance attic, IMO. To me, the Dover store in neighboring Wellesley Center is a “skip it,” especially now that it’s not the singleton brick -and-mortar Dover it once was (though downtown Wellesley is quite charming, and you might find it worth the visit for that reason). If you’re in the area, it’s easy enough to hit both in one trip, especially if you have a car.

It’s worth noting that the Dover store is much easier to get to by commuter rail as there’s a station in Wellesley Center, and it’s an easy, short walk up the street. The SmartPak retail store is on Rte. 9, which is a very busy road not nearly not nearly as walkable from commuter rail. That said, it would probably be easy enough to order up an Uber to take you from one to the other and back to the train.

Have fun!

I LOVE the smartpak clearance attic!!! Dover in Wellesley is underwhelming in comparison.

I’m a re-rider and I don’t have anything fancy, but I got my boots from the Smartpak clearance section for 90% off. And I love them.

Definitely worth the trip for the attic - it’s hit o miss, as pointed out, but when you hit, you really hit! And yeah, the Dover store is underwhelming, but it’s like 10 mins away so you may want to stop by there as well :slight_smile:

Clearance is great when I evented I scored my air vest for 200 dollars.

Wow, thanks for all of the replies. I’ll definitely swing by then and fingers crossed the attic is stocked with all kinds of goodies :smiley: I have a Dover pretty close to home (~35 minutes) but maybe I’ll swing by there too if I have extra time. Thanks for the info!

Definitely drive - I don’t know if it is train-able. As everyone’s said, “Upstairs” can hold some legendary deals. Over the years I’ve scored two $50 Antares running martingales, a heavy Baker for $32, a great turnout sheet for $17, and a medium Rambo for $50. Those deals certainly aren’t daily but as someone who has been there recently, there is some good stuff there now (depending on what you want).

I’d only go to that Dover on my way to having lunch next door at Blue Ginger :slight_smile: