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Smashed toenail, what boots to wear while healing?

Hi there!

I’m new to these forums, and what better way to start than by asking what boots to wear when you’ve gotten your big toenail smashed? It hurts with any pressure on top, and I’m told it will be months before it heals. I’ve got horses to take care of, and I don’t have months to sit with my foot elevated, like the doctors keep telling me to do. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So, being that smashed toenails are very common equestrian injuries, what do you guys do? I refuse to leave my toes exposed at the barn, open shoes are out. But, what boots or shoes can you guys recommend that has protection. Like a steel toe, while also having a very large toe box?

I appreciate any and all suggestions, TIA :blush::pray:

No steel toes around livestock. If you get stepped on, and it does bend, it could trap and sever your toes.

If the nail is intact and attached, I’d be cushioning with gauze and a toenail cap. If you’re not opposed to spending some money and wearing combat boots, some of the best fitting, but comfortable boots I’ve worn were issued to me as a security guard, then later again as a corrections officer, Bates tactical sport 2. I used them around the barn all the time. Lost them to my house fire, but I will 100% say they were in the top 3 favorites for me.

Bates Tactical Sport 2 Women


Good to know, I was just thinking something strong like a steel toe, so tactical boots might be the ticket. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Muck boots, the models with ample toe box, something like this is what I have, but the top is pink:


These may be ok also, not familiar with this model, but may be cooler in hot weather:

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When I broke two toes (one crushed and split open), I couldn’t stand any pressure on top so I cut the tip of an old pair of Blundstones off and wore that with a plastic grocery bag over my foot LOL. Kept it clean and dry. I just popped on a half chap and off I went!