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SNL Timothy Shalamei

I know I spelled his name wrong but remember when he was on before

And I’m watching last night’s SNL, thinking about that and


Hilarious! Thanks for posting these.

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FYI: Chalamet

I watch SNL for Weekend Update, but was :joy: to see Giant Horse…
& slept through Jost & Che :persevere:
(never go horizontal on the couch)

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I don’t really see the appeal of that Chalamet guy, but the part with the horse was funny.

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Last night was such a good episode! Love Boygenius too.

I love Tiny Horse! When my horse was laid up with a broken pedal bone, I wished that I could make him tiny and carry him in my shirt pocket, and this was long before Timothy Chalamant.



Giant Horse/Tiny Horse was awesome! Quite a lavish production for SNL.

While TC is not my type physically (and thank God for that at my age), I think he’s immensely talented and has a captivating presence on screen. However, we’ll see if I feel the same way after he plays a young Willy Wonka.