So close to buying a new horse! Anxiety…

My anxiety is at an all time high, find out if my offer on a horse was accepted tonight. Of course I’m buying long distance and off 4 videos. Plus a mutual friend knows the horse.

Vet check tomorrow, which they already have current X-rays, etc and looks fine according to my vet. So fingers crossed nothing crazy happens and he should be home by end of next week.

I literally slept 2.5 hours last night, can’t eat anything, feel like I’m prepping for a new baby in the house.

Am I the only one with major anxiety before what I consider a large purchase?

Anyway, send me all the good luck and finger crossing you can spare.


Literally the weeks that I was going through the buying process with my horse I barely slept, I would wake up at 3/4am every single morning and would just give up on sleeping and go get on COTH / Dover / Smartpak or whatever and start planning, shopping, making budget spreadsheets, etc. :joy: after it was all over and things were more settled my boyfriend was literally like, “welcome back!” You’re so not alone. Fingers crossed that everything works out perfectly!!!


It’s a nerve-wracking experience. But everything sounds promising so far. Fingers crossed for you. And don’t forget the pictures when he comes home next week…


I was stressed when I bought my second. Hummed and hawed for months before a local-ish horse caught my eye. I will say I had little stress right up until I loaded her on the trailer to bring her home… which was the point of no return. Had a bit of a “WTF did I just do?!” feeling for a couple weeks post purchase. Like keep me up at night wondering if I made a massive mistake. It’s been a bit over 6 months now and I’ve really connected with her (much quicker than the year long struggle to click with my first) and I’m over the moon happy. Buying is a big deal, shouldn’t be taken lightly, but just because you’re stressed doesn’t mean you’re making the wrong choice either


I am stressed any time I spend a large quantity of money or any time I do something that requires a long term commitment (like adopt a new dog).

Jingles that your purchase goes smoothly!!!


I have spoken for a mare, after over a year, nearly two actually of seriously looking, doing PPE’s that didn’t pass, being scooped, found another one that looked good, then things happened really fast and have spoken for her. This morning nearly overwhelmed by what have I done!! Is this the right one, after so long not having a riding horse can I even ride, do I have time anymore, what if we don’t get along…YIKES!
Even wondering if I should pull the plug and back out.
Its a major investment, not just the initial money but everthing after and you are probably like me, really can’t afford to make a mistake, so yup more anxiety this morning than is healthy for sure. :grimacing:


Oh I know the feeling. I shopped hard for 7 months and had 4 very comprehensive and very failed PPEs done at great expense. By the time my mare came up I was like “four legs? Check. Head? Check. Within shouting distance of my original age and budget? No? Oh well… Fine. PPE it…” and suddenly I’d bought a green 4 yr old jumper sight unseen. Instead of an experienced training level plus eventer…

She’s amazing. She’s going to be a great eventer. My trainer loves her. I never want to go through that again. :rofl:


Don’t forget to check for a tail.
Once bought a horse sight unseen that we noticed had a tail bag in all the pictures and videos.
We asked and they said it was there to protect the tail.

Horse came half tailless, then seller said neighbor’s pit bull had attacked horse, hung on the tail and tore half off. :scream:
Horse was super sweet and nice, tool a long time to grow tail out to a decent length.

You know, when buying a horse is best not to fall for the IDEA of what we think the horse is and what all dreams the horse will fulfill, but take it easy, relax and see what you have in your new horse friend.

That tingly feeling we have when seeing a horse we really like?
That is common sense leaving. :upside_down_face:


I paid for him this morning so he is all mine!!!

Kinda excited and breathing through a balloon trying not to panic.

I haven’t purchased a horse in 8 years, only free leases, or borrowing from friends so this is huge for me.

I will totes post pics of him, cause I think he is the cutest thing, he will fit right in with my other two.


Lovely. Saddlebred?

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Yes! Flunked out of breed school training. :joy:


You may have to change the breed in your name? :innocent:

Looks very alert there.

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