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Socks. Just socks

i wear muckboots pretty much year round. I double-sock. I buy cheap socks from Target for the outer layer. The double sock method keeps rubbing at the heel at a minimum (for me…my foot shape and my choice of boot…which is roomy!). My yoga instructor has a ‘thing’ against toes being squished together…so when putting sock ontop of sock, i pull at the toe and make space. (sort of like pulling a saddle pad up into the pommel). With this double sock and muckboot i can work outside during the coldest winter for hours and not get froze-toes. I have silk liners i use in the winter btw. For gloves too… And body also. Silk-silk-silk, then any ole thing…even cotton.

I learned double sock while on deployment. We have to wear gawdawful steel toe boots (govt issue) and they are notorious foot killers. Took one 10day deployment and crippling blisters for me to learn how to do my feet right.


Agree with smartwool. Assuming appropriate shoes, I find they’re comfortable down to 20degF or so. If I’m going to be out for hours in below 20 temps, I’ll either layer (knee-high pantyhose + smartwool) , or go with a thicker winter hiking or skiing sock.

And even when they get wet, you’re less likely to get blisters. I ran the 2018 Boston Marathon in smartwool running socks, in brutal weather. Temps hovered around 35 degrees, we had 2" of rain falling the entire race, and with 20ph headwind ,it was blowing into your face the whole time. It was seriously like running through a 26-mile long freezing cold car wash. But I digress. So anyway my socks were soaking wet the entire race with nearly-freezing water, which usually is a recipe for massive blisters, like the kind that need medical attention. Thanks to smartwool, didn’t have a single blister, and feet didn’t feel even cold.

I’d steer clear from any Costco purchases where you’re looking for durability. I’m convinced that any Costco version of brand name stuff is a lower-quality lookalike. Not saying it’s counterfeit, just that companies are pulling the same trick as what they’ve done for years at the luxury brand outlet malls and TJMaxx. They make a knock-off version of their own products for the discount stores, knowing we’ll snap it up at a higher price than it’s actually worth (because we think we’re getting a great deal on a premium brand).

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I just got these last month so I can’t speak to their durability, but have been really liking them so far. Merino wool, warm but not bulky, good strong elastic so they don’t squish around even when really active.

I’ve been using Smartwool for years. Living in the shadow of LL Bean headquarters in Maine helps. Their outlet-style store has discounted Smartwool socks - factory seconds. They are warm, comfortable and lsat a long time. The discount really helps make them “affordable.”

How are you destroying them? I find that I wear through the padded lining of my Muck Boots and then the exposed plastic starts wearing holes in the back of my socks much faster than it would in new boots.

I am surprised that no one mentioned Heat Holders for winter…in my experience they are warmer than wool. These are thick, fleece lined socks and really the only things that have kept my chronically cold toes warm.

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I thought I had! But must have imagined it or put it on a different thread … no wait, was talking to someone at the barn about them lol.

I 2nd them. My feet have never been better since finding them a few years ago. I’ve had frostbite so keeping my feet comfortable used to be a challenge.

My only gripe is they don’t last forever so I end up buying a few pairs each fall. Oh well, better that than cold feet!

I wear Costco wool socks all season. Unfortunately, the quality has nosedived in the past couple years. I was able to find the older version on Amazon and loaded up. Maybe they’re still available?

It’s so tough to pay $20 plus for a pair of socks.

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Based on this thread, I skeptically tried Darn Tough socks after wearing Smartwool for years. I am very happy that I did! I have a small foot (about a 5.5 women’s) and find the size for me is a touch roomier than I prefer in some, but not all, of their socks, but otherwise I think they are superior to Smartwool. And with their guarantee, it seems like they will turn out to be cheaper than Smartwool in the long run.


I’ve not tried them, but they do carry kids sizes. Maybe a larger kids size would fit you better.
If you have a store near you that sells them, may be worth it to try some on.

They are my absolute favorite socks.
They have different thicknesses available, which make them perfect no matter the season.
They also have various sock height (crew, boot, etc).

They’re great socks! Like you, I have small feet and I can’t wear the “one size fits most” socks. So I only go with brands that offer true sizes, like Darn Tough. Even better if, like those, they are made in the USA (Vermont!).

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On beyond merino: I nominate alpaca! I have worn all sorts of wool socks for years, year round too, and yet find alpaca head and shoulders above. 1. Durability -it’s incredible. Have worn mine for two winters now (have two pairs) and no sign of wear at heel or toe or anywhere. 2. Cushioning – they feel like putting my tootsies into a warm pillow. 3. Washability-- can go in the wash with ordinary clothes, no need for a special wool detergent. Like wool, they don’t get smelly either. Here’s a place in Maine where I ordered mine: https://llamaalpacalife.com/collections/all
I like sheep and I like wool and knit with it but I really think these are terrific socks.

Interesting! I’ve been hesitant about alpaca socks because I didn’t think they were very durable, but I will check them out.

I love my Bombas but my Itaska muck winter boots apparently rub above the heel* and they all got holes super fast.

I need socks with extra fortification just above the heel, I guess

*No rubs, irritation, or blisters on my heel, so the sock took the rub.

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Darn Tough and Fox River have been the longest lasting, most comfortable socks for me. I wear wool or wool blend year round. These two brands don’t wear out in the heel nearly as quickly as the Smartwool socks I’ve had (I was really disappointed at how quickly they became threadbare).

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I like/need a really thick sock in my Redbacks and just ordered the Darn Tough Hunting Sock and will report back. If my feet move around I end up in pain - arthritis between the big joints and bunions.

Knew I was going on the hunt for some summer socks this morning and remembered this thread. Socks. Just Socks. :smiley:

This has been my experience too. I can’t believe Smartwool socks get such high reviews. Yes, they are cute, but man, they do get threadbare in the heel SO FAST for me! Not worth what they cost.

I love socks. I have a big drawer full of them. Cute ones, warm ones, tough ones, ankle ones, breathable ones…I confess - I am a (well fitting, long lasting, unusual) socks addict. (Shoes are not far behind, of course…!)

And for fun socks check out Natural Life. And they have so many other fun items. Great gifts and pampering.

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