Socks. Just socks

Does anyone have or recommendation on brands of socks that I can purchase. I manage a barn and generally walk somewhere in between 20,000 to 30,000 steps a day. I’m going through socks at a very exponential rate. I do need socks that can handle very cold weather and very hot weather. They don’t have to be the same socks but that variety will be awesome. And double bonus would be socks with some patterns or colors or whatever to make them more interesting to wear everyday.

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In fall and winter I use wool blend hiking socks. I particularly like ones that have a looped terry inner surface, and some anatomical shaping of the foot. High wool content with just a little nylon for sturdiness and shape. Mine are the house brand for a Canadian retailer but similar are available in all hiking gear stores. I machine wash warm in lingerie bags and hang to dry. They have lasted a long time, five plus years at least. I forget what I paid but I think similar are about CAN $20 a pair now.

They fit much better than wool work socks.

I also have some random wool ski socks I picked up on discount that fit nice around the foot and are knee high. And some alpaca knee high socks.

One killer of socks is boots that rub at the heel, another is long toenails.


Can’t go wrong with Darn Tough socks.
They have a lifetime guarantee.
Both the hubby &I love them.
I have multiple styles, but generally use the lightweight & mid weight crew for most days.
They are a bit pricey…. But again, lifetime guarantee



I have wron these daily for years. Padded sole but thinner top and perfect as boot socks as well as with muckers, and under jeans. Pulled up over breeches they make pulling boots on and off easy. They make all kinds of compression socks, but I am using their 15-20 mm athletic sports socks. Don’t be put off by the compression part in the name. Somewhat expensive but wear like iron.

What brand are the Canadian retailer house brand socks you referred to? I’m currently running through the options in my head!

I go through the kirkland trail socks pretty regularly but I just buy packs while they are on sale. I wear them year-round except on REALLY cold days when I break out the carhartt cold weather socks. I wear through socks on the heels and under the ball of my foot.

I also have Darn Tough brand and Mountain Equipment Coop brand socks that I like but tend to wear less frequently for some reason… I think because I find them a tighter fit than I prefer.

I got wool hiking socks from Mark’s Workwear, they say Hiker GX across the toe, can’t remember the brand. Maybe Windriver I think that’s their house brand.

Ha. Just Googled. They are Fields brand and MEC has tgem for about $12. Didn’t find them at Mark’s last I looked.

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Awesome! I thought it might be Marks. I love the windriver stuff from Marks. Thank you!

I see your edit now too lol… Marks and MEC were the two options I was thinking might be the right ones. I appreciate your research

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Smartwool. They have thick ones thin ones tall ones short ones and all sorts of patterns. Machine washable.


Merino wool. Any make or thickness you like or need or like Costco just had them on sale.

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I have several pairs from Fox River they don’t wear through the heel like many of my riding socks. I have some lightweight ones that I use through the summer as well.

Make sure you change out your socks during the day. It really does make them last longer and your feet feel better.

Love Smartwool and Carhartt socks.


My favorite brands of socks are:

  • Darn Tough
  • Point 6
  • Bridgedale
  • Fox River
  • Lopen
  • Feetures (as an ex-plantar fasciitis sufferer)
  • Thorlo

They come in different thickness and cushion.

Smartwool socks have fun patterns and all but they don’t last at all (always wear out at the heels for me) and are expensive.

I get all my socks at big discount at Sierra Trading Post (online).

Take a look at Bombas socks as well. It’s a great company that gives a pair to a person in need for every pair you buy, and additionally have a “happiness” guarantee meaning if you aren’t happy they’ll replace your item for free. I’ve developed some holes in mine and they’ve replaced them for free. Next set I buy will be the ski / snowboard socks because they’re a little more heavy duty in the heels and bottom of the foot.


I double layer my socks for working around the barn, usually with boot socks for riding with a cotton or wool ankle sock. Helps with the heel rubs. I take the ankle socks off for riding and put them back on after.


Another vote for Smartwool. My picky arthritic feet approve. Soft, warm and wear well.

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Smartwool. The thinnest versions. The thick type create too much bulk for me. They cost a bleeding fortune but I’ve had some pairs for SEVEN years and they show very little sign of wear. I scour for clearance deals. REI puts them on sale now and then.


Of course, our riding boots, to fit correctly, are supposed to have ease in the heel, so there’s a bit of a conundrum for people who work at a barn all day but ALSO ride during the day.

I would suggest slightly large boots with two pairs of socks, so the ease in the heel of the boot isn’t a problem.

I have to agree with those who recommended Darn Tough. I have found that SmartWool is not up to the quality that they used to be. Bombas are comfy but they don’t last long. For the price point, Costco socks are probably the best deal. But I will stick with Darn Tough for now.


Thorlo socks, but definitely the padded ones

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Merino wool. They were so comfortable and stretchy and soft that I’ve gone back and bought several more pairs for fear that they’ll be discontinued or something. I haven’t yet had to throw any out for holes and wear them all winter long.

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