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Something like a Likit, but low sugar?

Hi –

I have been reading up on various ground exercises, stretches etc. to help a horse strengthen its back. The stretches are often called carrot stretches, but IME if you let the horse have a bite of the carrot, they stop stretching, and if you don’t let them take a bite, that’s teasing them.

Somewhere recently there was a suggestion to use a Likit or similar solid treat that the horse licks instead, so it can hold the position a little longer, and not get frustrated.

Miss Lola is in need of exercises like this, but she is a frighteningly easy keeper, so I am wondering if a lower NSC “block” treat exists. Or if a few licks of a Likit would be harmful.

I thought about trying something like this.

I tried one of the normal lik it’s where it’s almost like a salt lick. My horse was not enticed enough with that but I thought about trying something more like the Uncle Jimmy’s.

That Uncle Jimmy’s says “no added sugar”, but 1st ingredient listed is maltodextrin = sugar.

How about a salt lick!?
I got a 1# Himalayan salt on a rope for my mini.
1# is easy enough to carry (rope isn’t attached).

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I would think she would be consuming minimal amounts of a Likit it or similar product if you are only intending to do stretches with it. I wouldn’t be concerned about it - the whole picture of what she consumes is more important that one small treat that will help you achieve a greater goal for her health.


I am inclined to agree with you. A full round of carrot stretches will take at least one whole carrot, which isn’t exactly low NSC. I don’t see how a few licks on a Likit a few times a week compares.

Agree with other poster: maltodextrin is sugar. Sorbitol (the second ingredient) is a sugar alcohol.

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Maybe a salt lick then. My horse would not be motivated to stretch for a salt lick though, he needs something pretty yummy lol.

I don’t think she would stretch for a salt lick. More motivation is needed!

What about a few hay pellets at a time?

It’s the frustration caused by the horse having to hold the stretch that can be a problem. With my older mare, she just would not stay in a stretch more than a few seconds.

Not to mention, Lola is mouthy (we are working on it) and holding something she can lick is safer than having her take anything out of my hand.

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Triple Crown makes a hay ball called the tether treat. I tried it as a boredom breaker, and my horse had eaten the whole thing in an hour. But it might work for stretches.