Sonoma Horse Park Ceases to Show Under Auspices of USEF

Oh I’m so happy USEF is gonna have some competition


Sadly, it isn’t just about the USEF. It is also about the IOC and FEI. They created rules that required a single National Governing Body for the entire sport (remember it used to be separated USET and AHSA). This resulted in massive creep away from local/regional governance to one that is predominantly focused on international competition and teams.

Given the size of the US and the variations of regional competition, they lost sight of what the base competition really is about. As this progresses, there will come a schism that will probably put the entire international competitiveness of the US at risk, e.g. they lose control of being the NGB. I’m good with that. I would prefer the FEI also get burned to the ground too.


Thank you, @StormyDay! I’ve been saying the same thing. For God’s sake, this is America. We are capitalists.

But when it comes to horse shows, USEF comes along and says, “Oh, but we have to protect the investments of the show organizers.”

Wait, what? Business people make investments at their own risk. If they have a good product or service, they’ll make money. If they don’t, they’ll cease to exist. Why can that principal be applied to every other industry except horse shows?


Judging from the way WEC South ran last winter? NSBA oversight should help SHP on the business front as well as run a good show.

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I have always wondered how much of the membership dues are expropriated to the international competition. In which most regular members will never participate. I don’t know if there is a rule or policy that keeps grassroots member dues serving grassroots members.

I don’t know if it’s comparable, but the national trail riding association has broken with its FEI counterpart as well.

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