Sonoma Horse Park / Petaluma Trainers

Hello, I currently board my horse up in Petaluma and am looking for a Hunter/Jumper barn that will accept haul-ins on a regular basis. I am looking for a top notch Jumper trainer who will help bring me to the next level. I am an adult amateur who wants to work on her jumping a bit more.

I have shown at Sonoma Horse Park in the past, but have never boarded there or anywhere else than my current facility. I am not looking to move, rather to haul-in to continue to grow my jumping experience.

Essentially… if you are a Jumper and you could take a lesson with any trainer locally (near Petaluma), who would that person be and why?

As far as the trainers who are at the horse park, I always liked Hugh White’s program from watching at shows. He’s very knowledgeable and his amateurs always seemed to be having a great time. I also have heard great things about Marian Nelson’s program. I tried a few horses from Dusty Blackwood’s barn when I was shopping and she was quite nice as well. She’s run a lot of jumpers in the past so that might be a good place as well.

LesAnn Leclaire, Rubicon Farms at Opus Sporthorses. She is amazingly intuitive with horses and an excellent trainer of young horses. The only thing is, she does a lot of Hunters and I’m not sure how much jumpers.

Matias Fernandez, Buena Vista Farms, is at SHP. Very talented Grand Prix jumper and super nice person, great teacher with small barn, all lessons are private.