Source for Leather race bridle

Any suggestions for where to find a decent leather race bridle? Most do not describe the leather used. One I ordered was made in India and I coincidentally I did not like the leather.(I mean it is for a racehorse after all and I have had reins break.) Another has a stated USA source of leather (excellent) but had loop reins, (ok I am old school–looking for the old fashion race reins but would use loop over buckled ,and I just do not trust mixing l buckled reins and yokes.)
Most websites I now notice do not state where leather is coming from. TIA

Have you looked into the U.K. shops online? I have no experience buying race bridles but have bought tack from British shops in the past with good luck.

Here’s one from a quick google.

Not helpful, but but while googling I came across this. I bought from the Paul’s Harness Shop catalog back in the day…

Thanks i will take a look!

That was a great shopping site you found for racing products! I ordered an english leather racing bridle and–good news no VAT !(Well a trade off for the shopping.:))

I’m so glad it worked out. Will you let me know what you think of it when it arrives? I’ve always been a fan of English leather, but I haven’t been buying tack for years.

Wow it is already here, beautiful leather, finished on both sides.Thrilled with it. Also a great touch, an insert with their contact information in the package that simply states “By appointment of her Majesty the Queen Suppliers of Racing Colors”. :slight_smile:
It is lovely! Thanks so much for the detective work finding such a quality supplier!

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Magnificent! They looked like they had the best bridlework.

I missed the Royal Warrant on the website, but it’s there at the very bottom of the home page (sings all three versus of “God Save The Queen”.)

So the Queen gets her racing silks there. Aren’t you “posh” now? :laughing:

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