Southeast Michigan barns and trails?

I may spend the summer at my son’s home and would love to explore the trails. Of course I’ll also need a place to board too. Ty!

I am geographically-challenged, so pardon if this is too far.
Bluestone Ridge in Cassopolis has miles of trails.
Granted, I have not been for a looooong time (10yrs+), but it was a nice setup for camping.
Owners raised & sold pork too, but that business may not exist now.

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Lol, I looked at ther map----it’s doable for a camping trip one day! Thanks!!

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Check with the Michigan Trail Riders site for information. They work on State park trails, should know all of them to share with you. They used to sell a set of maps for the marked trails further north.

There is a “local horse magazine” called Saddle Up that is online. You might check it for advertising to find sleeping places with camping, stabling and trail ride options to visit all over Michigan. Many are further north in the State. They have better access to gravel roads, 2-tracks, than the urban areas further south. I believe the organized trail ride dates are on the calendar, should you wish to attend. Horses do need to be pretty fit to cover the mileage daily.

The Waterloo Recreation Area is not real far from the south eastern part of the State, has horse camping and a busy group of volunteers that work there. Do get your horse vaccinated for everything.

Potomac mutates so fast the vaccines can’t keep up. So learn the signs, what the Vet does to treat a sick horse. The treatment now is good. But you have recognize the symptoms, get the Vet involved right away. I have not heard of anyone losing a horse to Potomac in several years. I am saying this because all the parks have water areas and bugs that could surprise you with an illness. I have friends who camp out weekly all summer, in various locations. They have never had a sick horse, so it may never be an issue for you.

Hope you have a fun summer!

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