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Southern md trainer w epm experience?

Hi! I have a great dressage trainer but I’m looking to trailer out for some jumping lessons this winter with a trainer that has experience bringing a horse back from neuro issues (specifically epm). He is 100% sound and looking good so I want to bring him back slowly and correctly. Looking for something within an hour (maybe Harwood?) and with good footing/indoor. Thanks!

Allan and clover is the best option in that area. They are doing clinics at various barns in Harwood until the farm they are based out of has the indoor completed (in progress currently).

Thanks! I’ve called them and also holiday and Baywood so far. The problem with clinics is they seem to usually be gymnastics based which can be hard for a horse coming back from neuro issues but it’s a great suggestion.

I know someone who’s good but in Montgomery Co. but no indoor, outside ring has good footing. She’s worked with several horses with neuro issues.

Can I ask who this person is? PM if you want. I’m in that area and always like to know who the good trainers near me are!

I would suggest reaching out to Sue Burnett at Bit of Faith Farm (should be able to find info on FB) in Edgewater. She’s an eventing trainer and has experience bringing her own horse and students’ back from EPM successfully. She allows trailer-ins and should have access to a covered ring on property for the winter (her own ring has good footing with lights and jumps, but not covered). She also has an incredible eye for lameness issues, particularly related to EPM.