Southwest Denver H/J or Eventing barns?


I’m moving back to Denver in a few months, but this time to the southwest side and I’m looking for some barn recommendations as I’m only familiar with a few barns on the north side. I know there’s lots over in Parker, but we’re going to be over near Ken Caryl, so I’d prefer something a little closer to that side of town if possible.

I will likely not be bringing a horse with me, so somewhere that either has 1) lesson horses or 2) horses available for a half lease or something. I could care less about showing, and I’d even be open to a private facility that has a lease or something, although it would be nice to have access to a kind trainer who is good with advanced adult riders.

Fox Hill is a beautiful facility out in the area. I don’t know much about their training program but I’ve been there several times for shows.