Spanish Question

Hey, for those who know spanish, how do you say:
No turnout on grass unless wearing a muzzle.

Google Translate doesn’t always get it right. This needs to be correct. Thanks.

Spanish grammar being what it is, I would go for

“The horse is not allowed to eat grass without a muzzle”

Which Google Translate says is (and my multiple years of high school Spanish agree with the basics of)

el caballo no puede comer césped sin bozal

And then I would triple check the “grass” and “muzzle” translations.

bozal concerns me a bit because a bosal (s not z) is something else entirely! :confused:

Where is the person from?

It also came up with hierba for grass but I think césped is better, except it might mean lawn and not field grass.ésped

You might want sacate instead (central Mexico)

So… point at the grass in question and ask “que es esto?” and then use that word.

Ditto with the muzzle, ask what the person calls it.

Good advice from @wsmoak about asking for specific terms. But some other ways to word it might also be:
No se pone este caballo en el campo sin bozal (Do not put this horse in the field without muzzle)
Este caballo necesita llevar un bozal cuando en el pasto (This horse needs to wear a muzzle when in the pasture)
No permite este caballo comer cesped sin bozal (Do not allow this horse to eat grass without muzzle)

I would say this: “Esto caballo necesita esta mascara que cubre la boca cuando esta en el pasto.”

That translates to: This horse needs this mask that covers his mouth when he goes in the the pasture.

Mascara is “mask,” but horses also wear fly masks that cover their eyes…hence the explanation about the mouth. Grazing muzzles are not a “thing” in Mexico or Central America, so there isn’t a better translation that I’m aware of.


If you are going to post a sign, include a picture of him wearing it and an arrow pointing to “bosal”


Dieta estricta. Dobbin tiene que llevarse un bozal cuando esté en el pasto.


Pictures may be easier !

Grass = Horse + Muzzle.

Thank you 4frogs_aLillypad! Perfecto