Spanish Riding School FB stream

Haven’t seen mention of it here, so as an FYI, there’s a free program streaming via the Spanish Riding School’s FB page for today only:

The narration is in German, but it’s a nice hour program it looks like they shot this year, since the grooms are wearing masks in the stables. Nice viewing for a rainy Sunday afternoon :slight_smile:


It was pretty good. I wonder if there are any photo/video experts who can answer a question? This video seemed to show more fluid movement in the horses (than older b&w footage). Could that be more the video quality than reality?

In other words, does older footage looked less smooth /more jerky in horses movements due to quality of film technology?

Depending on what it was filmed/recorded, absolutely. That special was definitely recorded in HD, so the image quality was great, even casting from my phone to my TV to watch it. Filmstock and video degrade with time and use, and in the very old b&w days some of it was still handcranked, so frame rates weren’t consistent, so things could appear jerky or oddly paced. Depending on who filmed the original footage, too, there was a framerate difference between the US and Europe, so conversion could sometimes make action look odd.

Also, I would guess, is that horse maintenance has changed sine the b&w days, too, so they’re getting things like joint supplements that would keep them performing better, longer.

agree about the framerate difference between Euro and American. Image quality can be severely impaired. The presentation on the SRS page is limited to 24 hourse, unless they changed it, so do not delay in viewing it now, expires midnight Vienna time. ( 3 pm west coast) they are going to rebroadcast with English narration at later time.

Thank you! that was nice to watch. I am always in awe of the precision in the quadrilles when doing movements most of us struggle to master. Interesting to see the variation in the horses too. Loved the one horse who performed solo who seemed a bit lighter with a more refined head than most others.

We loved him, too. He was so light on his feet, moving effortlessly.