Speak to me of monoflap with external thigh block dressage saddles

Pros and cons?

I love mine. Pros - less bulk under your leg, the block is very stable, lighter weight. Cons - can be harder to adjust the flocking/fitter may have to add access points, unless you order the block on velcro the position is fixed, on most saddles/pads you can’t use the front velcro strap because the billets aren’t accessible under the saddle.


I’ve had a Black Country Vinici for five years and love it. Strongly considering buying a second one so I have one for each horse.

The only cons for me are not being able to change between point and center billet, and needing a little more exact sizing on the girth.

I said changed meaning that you could have it moved by a saddler on most non mono-flaps. There is no way to change the billet locations on the Vinici, and I think that would be the case for most monoflaps. It seems like having a third long billet would be annoying?

I don’t think that is the case with most monoflaps. A saddler should be able to change your billets for you, but I know what you’re talking about with the Vinici.

I don’t find a 3rd billet annoying at all. How would it be? It is just tucked into the girth or keeper on girth with the other 2 billets. You really don’t notice it at all. Seems more common with the English made saddles. I like to keep the 3 as it gives me options as well as the next person for resale. Just my personal preference though.

Agreed. I had mine removed immediately (from a non-monoflap). None of the monoflaps I’ve had have any adjustability/choice on the front billet. Several (not all) have had options to have the rear billet re-sewn farther back, or as a V off of two attachment points.