Spendthrift Virtual Stallion Show

Eye candy daddy show - reminds me of Aerosmith song Dream On

Stallion Show - Spendthrift - A Kentucky Thoroughbred Stallion Farm (spendthriftfarm.com)

I LOVED watching their videos. Would like to see more from other farms. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome bunch of sperm banks! :grinning:

Do some of their feet look odd? (long toes? untrimmed?).

Lord Nelson is wearing some kind of interesting shoeing on that front end. Did he founder? They don’t drop the picture down on the conformation reviewing shot, but, when they back up, you can see the shoeing job more clearly. Of course, you can also see it when he is walking.

I noticed that as well.
Also, as @ASB_Stars mentioned above, Lord Nelson definitely had/has something going on.
He looked off & has a ?? looking RF hoof/shoe.

On the other hand they all looked bright eyed, with nice healthy coats.

Lord Nelson almost died from laminitis and almost never made it to stud. He’s a walking miracle.


after viewing all of the videos…

I was most impressed by Vino Rosso, Free Drop Billy and Hit it a Bomb. beautiful free flowing movement from the shoulder, good feet and big engines. Free Drop billy has a lot of chrome to make him stand out but he really is a beautiful, balanced stallion.

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A very impressive line up indeed!

Am I the only one that kind of grimaced looking at Into Mischief’s front legs? I didn’t know he was that over at the knee. Nothing against the horse though-- his stats as a sire speak volumes along with his pricey stud fee!