Spider bite?

So I got to the barn today and took my horse out of his stall to hand trot him (He was mildly lame, but almost better.)

After trotting just a little bit, he started coughing. Not heavy, just a little. We then noticed towards the bottom left side of his neck a huge spot of swelling. Not sure if the coughing has to do with that, but I thought I would add that in because the swelling is in his neck.

It almost looked the size of an aluminum can. It was kind of hard, and sensitive to the touch. He also had a 102 degree fever.

He has been eating. If it doesn’t look better tomorrow morning, the vet will be out. Does this sound like a spider bite? Or could it be something else?

A spider bite will have two small holes. Let us know what the vet says.

could he be choking? where on the neck? it’s not unheard of for bolus(es) to be large.