Spinoff - How's the ventilation on the IRH 4G helmet?

Inspired by the IRH 4G thread in Eventing from a few days ago. :slight_smile:

So, the big question: how are the vents on the IRH 4G? Like, would you wear one to a show in Central California if it was 105 F? Does anyone have comparisons with the 4G vs. the IRH Elite Eq, or 4G vs. Tipperary/Ovation Protege?

For background, I rode in the Elite Eq for years and always enjoyed the smug feeling that came with having those giant side vents & being just fine while all my CO wearing buddies suffered from heat stroke (I’m terrible). Unfortunately my last IRH had to go live in the garbage over winter break, and I’m looking to get a new show helmet before IHSA starts up again.

I’m currently schooling in an Ovation, so I’m also looking at some of their models. If I spend the extra cash for the 4G, I’d really like to be able to take it home and use it for summer shows without melting to death.

Anyways, if anyone has any thoughts, I’d love to hear them! I’m also willing to try other brands or models if you guys have other ideas. Looking to spend under $150, and it doesn’t have to be super nice, just nice enough to pass in the IHSA ring & maybe go to a few small shows back home.

I guess I’m the only one who thought this was a vent about some kind of phone.

OK – finally in paragraph 3 – something about a show helmet, and I do know what a Tipperary is.

But I wish people would post clear titles so that ALL of us could understand and not just those who know what IRH and CO mean so we, too, could enjoy that “smug” feeling of being in the know! :winkgrin:

Oh jeeze, sorry about that! Shouldn’t be allowed to post anything at the very end of a work week - that was a bad idea. :lol: I just edited the title, hopefully it’s a bit more clear now.

I guess I should also put some links to the helmets?

IRH 4G: http://irhhelmets.com/-IRH-Riding-Helmet-ID-3300.html

IRH Elite Eq (what I used to have): http://irhhelmets.com/-IRH-Riding-Helmet-ID-201464.html

Ovation Protege (current schooling helmet): http://www.ovationriding.com/helmets/ovationandreg-protege-matte-helmet-469566

Basically my issue is that the 4G just has that one little front vent, and I’m used to having at least the top + side vents on the Elite Eq. I’m worried that the 4G will be way too warm to wear during the summer. (I realize this is super neurotic, but as a broke college kid I’d love to find out before I drop a bunch of money!)