Spinoff Question from Tail Cord Thread - Does the Tail Cord Have to Go Under the Tail?

Hi there, i’m new to the rambo wug type turnout sheet with tail cord. Must the tail cord be under the tail? I thought it was ok overtop of the tail.

Yes. Otherwise the blanket can be flipped up over their back in the wind.



As a rule, yes. Only time I see tail cords going OVER the tail is when they were coolers/fleeces/scrims when the horse was being walked somewhere or waiting. In all the cases someone is handling the horse and the horse isn’t going to move much so there is little danger of the sheet getting jostled. I usually see this at shows or when people are taking horses out to lunge. It allows those blankets to be quickly pulled off/put on quickly.


You know, I wonder…there is the black piece of nylon webbing on the tail piece which the tail goes through…

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I thought that was to keep the tail flap in place? And I can’t say I know anyone who actually uses those. But they sometimes have them on leg strap blankets, too.

Without a tail strap under the tail, the blanket can get blown up and over the back. Maybe the strap on the tail flap would prevent that without a tail strap. :woman_shrugging:

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I do use them…I also put the tail cord under the tail. I was just wondering…

Honestly I think the tail strap plays an equal role in keeping my blankets secure! The tail strap is far up enough that it would prevent the blanket from flipping up I think. However, n = 1 since I’m the only person that has used them at any barn I’ve been at.

Edited to clarify that by tail strap, I mean the elastic strap underneath the tail flap, not the tail cord!

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The tail cord must go under the tail because if it’s outside the horse’s tail bone will slip out over the cord while leaving the tail hair draped inside the tail cord to catch every poop ball as it bounces and slides to the ground. I have geldings. I’m certain that mare owners will quickly realize what will happen when the mare urinates…