Spinoff: Show Coats for Short Riders

I’m in need of a new show coat but am stuck in between children and small adult sizes. I have heard that Pikuer fits short riders well but those are pricey and I am looking for a cheaper but still well fitting jacket!

I am 5’4 so not that short, but I have a very short torso. Look for companies that offer jackets made in short options. RJ Classics and Grand Prix offer short length jackets and I’m sure more companies do too! If most of the coat fits perfectly, you can take the coat to a tailor, to shorten the sleeves etc. I’ve even taken coats to tailors to be shortened but that gets expensive when you are dealing with the boning of the coat. I think all but one of my coats have had to be tailored haha

I’m short but also a bit chunky, I have 4 Grand Prix jackets (old style wool blends) and 2 are in short, 2 regular. I don’t think the regular is actually any longer than the shorts. They are a bit long for me, but okay.
I also have 1 RJ classic (in the trendy soft shell) and that’s in short. I think it runs about the same length as the GPs.

I have had jackets shortened by a tailor in the past, but it’s not just the sleeve and tail lenth, you also have to make sure the button placement is right for you.

My RJ jacket is an RJ elite jacket, wool blend. Maybe it depends on the model? I tried on the 4S and the 4R and definitely noticed a difference. That is the jacket that never had to go to the tailor, it looks custom!

I have had jackets shortened by a tailor in the past, but it’s not just the sleeve and tail lenth, you also have to make sure the button placement is right for you.[/QUOTE]

I completely agree with you, that’s why I was saying it can get expensive when shortening the length of the jacket, because the tailor has to take it apart to make everything proportional and line up in the right places. When with sleeves most of the time you can just hem them.

I have a girl’s size 18 jacket. I never knew they made girl’s sizes up to 18 but it was cheap ($80) and washable!

I am 5’3" and wear the RJ Classic short and they fit me perfectly. The price point is nice and in my cheap budget. LOL

Even the smallest adult pikeur sizes are big on me. Some of the kid or teen Pikeur are smaller, and fit petite adults. For example the Pikeur Skarlett in a junior size 168 or 172 fits me well. Equiline makes some nice short adult dressage coats in a size 32 but are expensive. Rompf run small and I fit a size 8 in them.

I have a Grand Prix techlite Qinn, the length and sleeves fit me nicely with no alteration and I’m 5’4’’ with a short torso.

I have two pikeur Skarlets, which started out close, but NQR in the placement of the waist. I had a Real Tailor shorten them at the back of the collar. This brought the waist up to the right place. Simply shortening from the bottom won’t do that. The junior sizes won’t accommodate boobs, or the length in the arms.

Grand Prix and RJ short fit well. For a cheaper tech fabric, I have an Equine Couture Raleigh that is a nice fit. (I’m 5’1")

The Horseware Competition jacket comes in an XS and you can find them for around $100. I’m 5’1 and usually wear a 0-2 in shirts and that jacket fits me perfectly.

I’m 5’0 and also stuck in between adult & children’s sizes. The animo italian size 38 fits great! I have a Pikuer Tosca in the same size and it’s too big

We have been doing 18S children’s for my daughter, she just grew and is now in a 2S. These are RJ Classics. So I have a navy RJ girls 18 Short Xtreme soft shell that she’s outgrown if you’re interested (hope that’s ok to say…).