Spinoff: Who would you send a quirky young mare to in the Midwest for the winter?

Similar question to the Aiken thread–young unraced TB mare, no major behavioral issues but has a bit of a weird personality. Would prefer within 3-4 hours of Chicago so that I could check in and take some lessons as well. Not sure if anyone is staying home this year vs. going south, but figured it was worth asking. Does not necessarily have to be an eventing-specific program, as long as the horsemanship and communication are good. Thanks!

Winsom Farm in Beecher might fit your needs.

Caveat: I have not boarded or trained here, but did attend (spectate) a couple Dressage & Schooling shows that seemed well-run.
Place looks nice & trainer seems to have some Eventing Cred.

Funny, I have this horse. I am working with a trainer whose family runs a barn downstate. I don’t know if they are taking on clients, but I would be happy to share more info via PM.

No. That would not be my choice around here. At all. Not ever. Not in a million years. The only reason I end up at that place is because they host local shows, and even then my teeth grit when I pull in.

I don’t know if Kenny Dierks or his wife Erin take in horses, but they are both great. So is Laura Bernardoni.

Edit: If you’re willing to drive 3-4 hours, I recommend Forrest Hill Farm in Lafayette IN. They have a ton of experience with young horses. The interns will be the ones riding, but the trainer has taken young horses from zero to PSG with the interns aboard.

Okay, I am curious.
I admit it has been over 5yrs since I was there. Went to observe a H/J schooling show. That seemed well-run & kids & adults seemed to be having a good time & riding safely.
Years before that I went to watch a Dressage show & found the judge was a guy I knew from wayback when he was just learning to ride (mid 80s).
He was then an “L” judge.

Pls PM if you don’t want laundry aired on the BB

Winsom Farm is a nice local place to show at. Do not send your horse there for training. Kenny & Erin will probably take in horses. I have heard good things about Forest Hill Farms. I used to train with Brad Cutshall at Landmark Farms in Kalamazoo & would recommend to check there also.

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Eric Dierks at Stonehedge Farm in Union Point, Wisconsin. Wonderful feel for horses and classically trained.


Nita Sanfilipo is back in Chicagoland. She went Advanced successfully on a TB horse she brought up herself from scratch. Only about 45-55 min from Chicago depending on your location.

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