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SplashOfScarlet 2002 Bay TB

I am looking for anything and everything that can be found about my boy. Im especially looking for past photos, any videos of racing?

It’s pretty unlikely anyone reading this forum will have pictures. But you can probably still order a win photo from one of his six wins. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Equibase.com and do a horse search for him so you can get the track, date, and race number for his wins. It looks like most of his wins were at Arlington with his maiden win at Hawthorne.

  2. Contract the track photographers for those tracks, provide them with the date and race number, and ask them if they still have the win photos for those dates. They probably will; they generally keep them forever. The biggest reason they wouldn’t is if the track photographer has changed since the mid 00s, but I’ve found most photographers will try to point you in the right direction if they can.

A win photo usually costs anywhere from $30-60 depending on the photographer and circumstances, plus shipping.

Here’s the contact I googled for Hawthorne’s photographer:

Here is the contact for Arlington Park:

It also looks like you can purchase the video replays of his most recent races through Equibase.