Splint bone break care?

my horse had a surgery to have his fractured splint bone taken out, it’s been ab 4 months since surgery(since mid november) so the wound is pretty much healed. But, there is like dead dark colored skin at the wound site. My horse about a month after his surgery got another injury on the front of the cannon bone, on the same leg. There is a bump and scabs that just won’t go away no matter what I do. Everyday after I ride, I ice it for 20 min, then put surpass(an anti-inflammatory medicine which was requested by dr to keep swelling &pain down) on around both wounds, then i wrap it with a no bo and standing wrap overnight. A couple weeks after the dr took his staples out, he started to shed the dead skin(hints the dead dark skin mentioned up there). It literally started to peel off, it was like flakes of dead skin that came off mostly around his cannon bone(where he injured himself after surgery) and the back of his bone. So, could the surpass medicine be whats causing all the dead skin or? Is there anything else I can put on his leg that will grow back all of his hair and heal of the dead skin?





Call your vet with these questions about your post surgery horse.

My vet is already coming out to see my horse, just wanted to get some feedback on if there is anything I could soothe his skin with.

Maybe try some Equiderma skin lotion to help soothe the area? https://www.equiderma.com/products/skin-lotion-for-horses?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8ZCsipfN4AIVpf7jBx3oCgBDEAAYASAAEgIJXfD_BwE

This happened to my mare when she had a relatively major puncture wound on her hind leg. Because of the location, it could not be stitched, so I had to pressure wrap it for a period of time and she got some soring down her cannon bone from the pressure bandage that never really healed properly. It looked quite a bit like your horse’s leg does now. I just put Derma Gel on it and left it open and alone once she no longer needed the bandage. It healed over somewhat but the hair has not ever really come back in the area.

She also had a broken splint bone that required surgery at the same however, the surgeon closed with sutures and not staples. I removed the sutures myself and had no complications with the wound area - in fact, you can barely tell there was an incision, thankfully. I’m not sure if staples would have healed as nicely?