Spokane eventing scene?

I’m considering a move to Spokane. Tell me everything I need to know about boarding, land prices, hay prices, trainers, shows, facebook groups, associations, etc.

Admittedly, I don’t know too much, but I’m considering moving to Seattle, and I’ve been reading up on all things WA.

I’ve heard wonderful things about Spokane Sport Horse Farm + all of their event/dressage offerings. They had adult riders camp a week after their spring HT, and it looked like it was a great time by all!

Tulip Springs host clinics and opens their XC field for schooling. 2.5 hours away from Spokane.

Stanton Farms in ID is 2 hours away, and it looks like they used to host events? I’d be curious to hear if anything is going on at the property. Looks stunning!

Here are some WA/PNW/West-centric groups that I’ve found helpful:

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There’s a thriving eventing community in the Spokane area. In addition to what tres-grey says, Rebecca Farm is not that far off in western Montana, board is cheaper in Eastern WA as is hay. Tulip Springs in Kennewick is a great place for schooling and generally opens in February, depending on weather conditions. A relatively new recognized event is in Billings, MT at Arrowhead. I don’t believe Stanton Farm is hosting any events this year.

As far as trainers, there are a few. Sarah Lawrence is in Spokane and is wonderful. In fact, I own a horse (the one in my profile) she used to own. Pulled him out of a kill pen, put some training on him and now he’s mine.