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Sport Horse vet recommendation - Edgewater MD

Looking for sport horse vet for a PPE in Edgewater, MD. My vet is too far out in VA to travel there, so I’d love any recommendations. Seller didn’t have any suggestions other than me to haul her horse out to my vet. I’d prefer not to since I’m not local either. I’ll do it if necessary, but hoping there are some great local vets.


Wolf Creek Equine in Lothian.

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I second this recommendation

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I third Wolf Creek! Dr. Mende has traveled 2.5 hours to my horse several times for things my regular vet doesn’t handle. I grew up showing against Dr. Caniglia on some teams, and even as a kid his compassion for horses was always admirable. He did a brilliant surgery on my barn owner’s horse last year as well.

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I fourth Wolf Creek. They were our farm’s primary vet for several years. My medically complicated horse saw Dr. Mende for routine and one emergency call. She is thoughtful, compassionate, and pragmatic. Good luck with the PPE!


I will be the dissenter and say I would avoid Mende specifically at all costs…

I would suggest Deborah Graham (she has significantly downsized and may not be taking new clients) or Debbie Williamson, a local FEI vet. Depending on the purchase price of the horse though I would say it may be worth trailering to VEI or Cooper Williams in Manchester, MD for the most thorough opinion. Feel free to PM if you want more insight. Best of luck!!!

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I’ve always said Cooper is the best vet for a PPE - f there is anything wrong with the horse, he will find it (and find things that aren’t wrong yet but you will be free to worry about!). Unfortunately he’s very busy though and you will pay through the nose just for the visit if you aren’t close.


Cooper Williams is the absolute best, but he is really busy. I think his prices are reasonable, especially given his equipment and expertise. The other vet in his practice, Magda I think, is also supposed to be very good.


Thank you everyone! Really appreciate the insight. I might still have to haul to a vet clinic near me (VEI) but I really don’t want to be driving a horse that is not mine all around the beltway. Especially if the vetting doesn’t go well.

Wolf Creek looks like the closest mentioned. i’ll check it out.

Looks like Dr. Cooper Williams might be just as far as coming back my way.

@horsepooramateur Dr. Graham was actually recommended through a friend’s coach, so nice to hear your vote of confidence. I could not find any info online. Does she have a clinic type set up or does she make farm calls?

If you go with Wolf Creek, I would use CJ.

Dr. Graham does not have a clinic, she makes farm calls. I will warn you that she is difficult to get ahold of because she does all of her own scheduling an admin work, but she is definitely worth being a little persistent with :slight_smile:

I’d honestly be a little wary of a seller that has no recommendations for you as we have a TON of vets in the area? Not all good, but a lot of options.

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sent you a PM. :slight_smile: