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Sprayable Ceiling Sealant?

Hey y’all! Does anyone know of a ceiling Sealant on the thicker side that could be sprayed using like a paint sprayer attachment? It would be on the underside of a tin roof and needs to be up to Georgia (state) summer heat. I need to coat the portion of the roof above the loft where I am going to be storing my hay and bagged shavings. Getting on top of the roof to fix any leaks is NOT an option for me or BO

I would contact some mobile home repair places. They might have ideas.

better tarp the hay and whatever else that is wanted to remain dry, if a sealers applied to the underside of the roof whatever moisture that does leak through will cause rapid corrosion of the roof from the under side as the moisture would be trapped between the sealant and the roof’s underside


What about spray on insulation? It would last longer as that is what it is made for

Spraying the underside of a roof is more difficult than the roof itself. Can the sealant not be a job hired out to someone else?

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Yes maybe you can put out feelers for people that spray the sealant or white coolant stuff on mobile home roofs. I don’t do heights either so I understand.

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I’ve done the white coolant stuff. It’s pretty easy. If one can’t get on the roof, I can understand.