Sprayer, hopper type feeder or both

We have 20 acres that has been unused for years. We want to put the front 4.5 acres in brome and need to have a way to generally take care of weeds in the pasture and rest of the property. I have a Kubota 3901. I am thinking we will need a sprayer and a hopper type seeder . The sprayer would be more cost effective for generalized weed control and the hopper would be used for seed application.

The front 4.5 acres was in corn and soy beans and the soil is very good. I am thinking about weed spraying this in preparation for early winter planting of a brome mix. There is slope to this area as it was terraced but has been smoothed down.

Has anyone delt with getting a property going in this regard? I don’t know who to contact even for help. Trying to not get raked over the coals and doing what we can ourselves. I feel this equipment will always be needed as you are always spraying for weeds or planting grass although the hopper type attachment will be used less I imagine but if we are planting a lot up front it would pay for itself.

We are building next year. There is no house or barn.

We bought a 55 gallon 3 pt sprayer and have been very happy with it. It’s got a smaller footprint than a sprayer on a trailer, so easier to store, and it’s a hell of a lot simpler to back up to the fence line or into a corner.

We’re going to need a spreader for lime or seed or fertilizer at some point, but haven’t gotten there yet. Just spraying once yearly for weeds has improved the pasture in a huge way.

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