Spring summer 2022 best fly sheet

For pasture horse. Looking for light weight and durable if that is possible. Temps here can get into 90’s. Flys are usually horrible. My neighbors won’t use fly predators so that’s not an option.

I have had good luck with Schneiders. They have a decent selection of fits. We use the mosquito mesh with belly band.

My mare and pasture mates aren’t terribly hard on things, but it has held up.

I got a riding fly sheet with dangly bits from the UK. It’s awesome.

I don’t think you can really get light weight an durable (but depending on your idea of durable). All the light weight ones I have used ripped easily, but I have all geldings and they love to rip clothing off and rub all along the fences.

I love my Rambo Protectors. They last for years with my super rough ponies. We also can get up into the high 90’s - 100’s and humid. When it gets that hot, I have left the sheets off but they ended up running around so much they lathered up with sweat and looked miserable. I would have to hose them off before I could bring them in. So I actually leave the sheets on, even on our hottest days, and they barely sweat. No miserable running around from the bugs and I can leave them out all day with them on.

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I also use the rambo protector fly sheets. Used them in FL with no issue and they hold up really well. I’ve tried the soft mesh ones and they rip/tear so easily especially if they are out with others. The amigo soft mesh one lasted a month before it was snagged and torn.

Love my Rambos and I have two that I bought used as backups to my main ones and are holding up beautifully so I can wash and rotate them through the season.

I’ve been using an Amigo fly sheet (the one with FlyBuster techology), and I’ve been pretty happy with it. My horse, who is not always kind to sheets and blankets, has kept it on and not even attempted to destroy it. It’s also kept the no-see-ums off which has allowed her to be happy and calm in the pasture.

I’m not convinced that it will be cool enough for her once the temperatures rise. We’ll see. But I’m happy enough to get a few months of use from the sheet at the beginning of warmer weather and (hopefully) in the fall. She has not had to be sprayed at all, except on her belly, and that’s a plus.

I have Rambo FlyBuster sheets that I like. They are very durable, and the horses do not seem to get any hotter while wearing them than they do when they wear no sheets. This year I bought a couple of Kensington fly sheets and I like them very much too. In fact, right now I actually prefer them to the Rambo sheets, but we haven’t gotten to the really hot weather yet so I’m not sure how they will fare at that point.

Another Rambo fly sheet recommendation coming from me. They hold up well and will last for seasons of your horse isn’t hard on them.

I’m keen on my Kensington fly sheet.

Thanks everyone. I’ll check out what people have recommended. Additional comments/advice still welcome!

What is the difference between the Rambo Fly Protector and Amigo Bugbuster? They look almost identical except for price. Is the hardware or material quality the cause?

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had the Rambo but I currently have the Amigo. The Amigo fabric seems softer to me, but the hardware looks the same. It’s possible that the cut of the Amigo is slightly less generous.

But it seems very similar.

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The Rambo is more robust. The Amigo is a finer mesh made from a softer material. The Rambo a tougher material with more structure.

I tried an Amigo 3 in 1 (the turquoise and orange version) and it ripped within 1 day of use. None of my Rambos have ever been torn that way and hold up much better. I really rate the Rambo Protector. My only issue with the new model/design is that the neck piece was way too long but I had some older ones and just used them. You can order neck pieces separately as well.

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