Spring Verden Auction 2022

Good Morning everyone!

I’m sincerely hoping to plan a trip for the Spring Hannovarian Auction in 2022. I know that last year was all on-line. Does anyone have any insight on if it will be in-person next year? Has anyone in this group attended? I am trying to plan this trip as a surprise for my Mom’s 70th (a year early).

NB: I worked in Dorverden in 2005 when I was 18 so I’m a little familiar but I would appreciate any tips, tricks, must-dos, places/things to see. We wouldn’t be buying a horse but you never know!

Much thanks,

Here is the contact info from the website https://en.hannoveraner.com/verden-auction/
I don’t know if that will help, but its a place to start.

Looking at the website, it seems as if the auctions are online but it’s difficult to tell if online bidding is an option or the only choice. It looks like the upcoming stallion auction is allowing people in the hall with certain restrictions https://verdener-auktion-online.com/en/?filter=upcoming The Spring auction requirements aren’t listed yet.

Good luck. What a great gift for your mom.