Spurs and half chaps

Ok. So maybe there’s a really simple solution for this. Like trying to make the spurs wide enough to fit over the half chaps but then they wouldn’t sit on the spur rests on my boots.
The question is - does anyone make relatively inexpensive half chaps with slits in the back for spurs?
Typically I don’t ride with spurs but I have a horse now that needs the extra nudge. When I school I ride in breeches and half chaps.
Anyone have a solution for this? Or know where appropriate half chaps can be bought?

I just purchased a pair of Smartpak’s Harwich half chaps. I LOVE them. I’ve been wearing them for about a month now, 5-6x a week and they do the job. Anyway, one of the nice things about them is that the back part around the heel goes up high enough so that the leather does not get in the way of the spur.

Lots of half chaps are made to allow room for the Spurs. The bottoms are cut higher over the heel to accommodate the spur. Tredsteps and Arians both have this “spur sharing”

I am short so any of the standard half chaps are too long-- I just bend the spurs a bit to widen them. I have a second pair that lives in the trailer that are for use with tall boots only.

I have Ariat Concord Chaps (these) and they leave plenty of room for spurs.

but even my cheapo synthetic Ovation half chaps left room for a spur.

Most of my boots don’t have spur rests so maybe I don’t see the issue but I have at least three sets. One wide for short boots half chaps, one narrow for black tall boots, one with brown spur straps for brown boots.

You don’t want to take one pair and bend them back and forth every few days to fit different widths.

I put my spurs on over my half-chaps.

Thanks everyone! My chaps are so old (I’ve replaced the zipper once) that they come all the way down the heel. Now that I really pay attention to the catalogs I see that there are several to choose from.

I’ve been struggling with this issue. I have an old pair of half chaps that are short enough for spurs under them, and I’ve restitched them at least 3 times. I try to replace them but keep coming back to the old ones. Are all these chaps that accomodate spurs on the pricier side? I think my favorites are Ovations; I’ve never paid over $50 for half chaps.


I put spurs on over the half chaps, which go to the heel. If the spurs are going too low, just hook a second leather strap below the back of the spur and over your foot so it can’t drop too low. I have to do that with most boots because I’ve never had a spur holder that worked.

My half chaps were cheap–about $25 half off at Horze.

I cut a small hole in my 1/2 chap for the spur. When I wasn’t wearing the spur you couldn’t even tell I had the little hole there.

I had to use a longer spur when I wore the 1/2 chap than when I wore tall boots. It would need to be longer so it would stick out beyond the leather.

I could never get the spur to seat well over the half chaps.