Squamous/ Glandular Ulcers Treatment

I have a gelding that was diagnosed with both squamous and glandular ulcers. The vet recommended both the omeprazole and misoprostol for the treatment plan. He is already on the management plan for ulcer care minus as well as nexium. My question is what others have experience with the misoprostol or is there other suggestions for help with this especially the glandular ulcers

glandular ulcers are tough to treat. I wish you luck…

They are tough. It often takes more than one month, even if you add both misoprostol and sucralfate.

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I’m a bit of an apostle about this lately, but if you have another scope done, get a pH level on stomach fluids and run a bacterial test. I treated ulcers (both kinds) for about 3 years and whether it was the gastroguard and change in pH that allowed bacterial overgrowth or not, the stomach didn’t heal until the bacterial overgrowth was also addressed with a 3 week treatment of antibiotics that specifically targeted the problem.

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stomach ph was 2.2

You might get better responses on the health care forum

UGH. I have been there. My horse was on Misoprostol for months and I learned a few things when I finally went to a boarded internal medicine specialist for a consult. The dose of Miso that I was given by the other clinician was insufficient and likely prolonged the treatment. So I’d double check that and consider consulting with a IM DVM to get some support. You mention the management plan for ulcers? What does that include? What works for us is feeding from slow feeder, lots of turnout, diet of 50% alfalfa, Purina outlast, and very minimal grain. My horse travels on a full tube of omeprazole.

After fasting? That’s close to the 1-2 range my vet says is expected. My horse was at almost 5. Ack.