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Hello all,
Searched the forum some but a lot of dead links or posts from 5+ years ago.
I’m newly moving to the St. Louis area and looking for some information on boarding. I haven’t determined where I will live yet but I’d love options nearest downtown (fine going into IL a bit). Can be flexible some on location but must have excellent care and solid turnout. My horse is used to either living fully out or being out 10+ hours a day. Doesn’t need to be a strictly dressage place either but would be appreciated if they had a dressage program in place or had clinicians come in.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the area!

I’m about an hour away in the country so not a huge help on boarding that close to the city, but glad to have another person on the dressage scene. I have a friend who boards at Catlin Farm in the winter and likes it there. I know they have runs attached to the stalls and turnout, but not sure on details.

Thank you! I’m very excited to get involved. It looks like the city has a lovely venue, the NEC. Really looking forward to the move

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I live near downtown and board at Grand Paradise. They are in Caseyville, and it only takes me about 20 minutes to get there from the city. There are several other nice barns in the metro east, but all are at least 15 minutes further away. I’ve found traffic to be unfavorable for driving west of the city in the evenings, and those barns tend to be more expensive than the metro east ones.

Edit to add: GPR turns out for around 8 hrs/day in good weather. There’s just not space for other grass turnouts. You might try Avalon or Oak Ridge if large grass turnouts are a must. You’ll have to drive further to get that.

Welcome to STL!

I saw you mention Chesterfield in your other post. I’d checkout I see Jenna is based in Wright City MO, but looking at google, that’s 32 mins from Chesterfield. So depends where you end up living. To get really good turnout you may need to drive far. Jenna trained with StarWest (Springfield IL) and has a fabulous dressage education. But I’m unfamiliar with the barn set up/ turnout here.

I’d also look into Caitlin Farm as mentioned above. Lindsay has been training dressage in the StL area for some time.

Check out Quarterline Dressage too.

I’ve heard good things about Byrnes Mill stables in MO.

There’s also “Capitol Farms” which is run out of another facility I think. Ellen Sadler runs Capitol and I think they just relocated. I’d considering checking into that as they seem to give priority to turnout.

On the IL side, Avalon Farm has the largest/most turnout. They offer pasture only board as well.

I hope that helps! Welcome to the area.

Ellen is literally just down the road from the previous place in wildwood.

You can also check out the Facebook group SLAD or something like that.

Excellent suggestions, will research all mentioned here. I was feeling super overwhelmed with options.

Looks like I’ll be settling in the Wentzville/Lake St. Louis area so all barns in that vicinity are appreciated as well!

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good area to relocate to!

Definitely check out Catlin Farm and Epique Equestrian if you’re looking for a dressage training barn.

If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, 4 Arrows Ranch is a good mix of folks.

Also, feel free to PM if you want more details. :slight_smile:

Capitol Farms is lovely but almost always has a wait list (they have very limited stalls I believe).

Catlin Farm has small turnouts. They are out for 8-12 hours and have attached runs but the turnouts are usually individual and are mostly 100x100 Max.