Stable three-step (or even four-step) mounting blocks

I am having a hip replacement in a few weeks and my biggest worry for afterwards when I’ve recovered is getting back on my horse. I have a two-step mounting block but I would like to buy something taller. The only three-step ones I’ve seen are narrow and tall, and unstable-looking. If it wobbles when I’m on it, I don’t want it. Does anyone make a very stable, wider-base three-step or taller mounting block?

Any chance you could have someone build one for you? There’s a wooden one at my barn and that thing is solid. Only downside is the same reason that makes it stable also makes moving it difficult.


We built one for DH to use post hip replacement. I love it! Let me know if you want pictures.


Yes I’d go custom built out of lumber. Have steps on both ends. Make it tall enough you can also use it to dismount if necesary. The equine therapy places have such things and there’s one in our local horse park. I think commercial mounting blocks are always plastic and not that stable.

When building a mounting block you can get stair risers premade at Home Depot which reduces the complexity of the job.

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Have you tried Uline?
Here are some to check out:

This may work, on whichever size you need:

Or this one:

Search up dock steps from a yacht or marine supply company. Heavy-duty, stable, and multiple steps.

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This is what I use. A three-stepper from West Marine. It’s fiberglass, so built for weather and fairly light but a bit bulky to move because it’s big, they also can come in more steps, and can have a handrail added.


Those would be safest for horses, like designated horse mounting steps, completely enclosed all around.
If a horse bumps into them, it won’t have a place to get a leg thru.

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