Stain out of saddle

Weird question but does anyone know how to get a stain like this out of the saddle :sob::sob: i tried saddle soap and scrubbing hard with it but it didn’t work

Did you use saddle soap? If so, you are probably not going to be able too. Saddle soap is a sealer and does not clean like the name suggests.

Yes i did use saddle soap. Can i not get it out?

What caused it?

No clue, I just noticed it one day when I was putting my saddle on. Probably pretty recent though, because it wasn’t there before

You usually can’t lift stains out of leather, not shoes or sofas or gloves or saddles. All you can do is continue conditioning so the leather slowly darkens and hides the stain.


Agreed, and to take it one step further, the OP could buy some dye and do the whole thing if the stain is really bothersome.

Personally, I would just leave it alone. It is in the seat and you will not be able to see it with a rider in the saddle.